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Patient Travel Assistance

Patient Travel Assistance Restores the Ability to Go Long Distances

Many people have medical conditions that require professional monitoring or occasional nursing services during the day. This can put a serious crimp in the ability to travel, especially on cross-country or international trips. In turn, that often causes mental distress, especially for people who used to be frequent vacationers.

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problems brought on by health conditions that require ongoing help. It is possible to contract for patient travel assistance with an air medical transport company like Acute Air Ambulance. Despite the name, there is no need to hire an actual air ambulance for this service. Instead, the company will provide qualified medical personnel to accompany the patient on a standard commercial flight.

This solution is perfect for those who are cleared by their doctors and an airline for travel with a medical escort. The air medical transport company's service ensures that those who want to travel do not need to stay home because of their medical conditions. Their escorts are appropriately trained and licensed, so they are sure to qualify as approved medical traveling companions.

For those who need more advanced services, Acute Air Ambulance has two options. Commercial stretcher service replaces some rows on a standard commercial flight with a stretcher, and this is a good cost-saving option for those with the time to wait for arrangements to be made. For people who need a high level of care during transport, the full air ambulance option is the solution. It uses an aircraft outfitted with the full complement of life-support equipment, along with an appropriately-trained crew. This option is usually used for transport between hospitals.

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